The Deloitte Ignite Festival commission consisted of two large-scale installations and a number of video pieces. The theme for the festival was ‘Forest’. On the main installation in the Paul Hamlyn Hall (the ‘Floating Forest piece) I worked in collaboration with Sophie Clements, and Toby Cornish and Johannes Braun of Jutojo in Berlin – there’s a good record of this collaborative work on their websites. For projection above the installation in Covent Garden Piazza (see the page titled Deloitte Ignite Festival 2010), I made a video constructed from a sequence of still images, shot whilst working on other pieces in the forests above the town of Die in SE France, where my studio is. These stills were developed entirely from images of trees, wood and bark, and were designed to be compatible with the exterior architecture of the Royal Opera House – I used the device of the mirror-image because the piece was projected into a corner of the buildingroh1.JPEGroh2.JPEGroh3.JPEGroh4.JPEGroh4.JPEGroh6.JPEGroh7.JPEGroh8.JPEGroh9.JPEGroh10.JPEGroh11.JPEGroh13.JPEG