Continuing to work 3-dimensionally following the Royal Opera House ‘Forest’ commission last year, and extending the 44N5E ‘Stones of the Vercors’ project, my focus for the last few months has been on the roots of trees – mostly pine. The lovely Diois region of France, where my studio is, is thickly wooded – there are many places in the area where all you can see in any direction is wooded hills. I’m fascinated by the way the form of these roots mirrors not just the shapes of the streams and rivers of the region but also of the mountain trails which I spend so much time walking along; and I’m making links between these similarities of form in the landscape and the way they’re represented as symbols on maps – usually red for paths and black for rivers and streams. Alongside work-in-progress on these assemblages I’m also working on several sets of prints and photographs, together with a film on the same subject. As usual, I’m keeping a research diary of the project ( images 6,7,8 below )

  • Studio in Die, September 2011Studio in Die, September 2011Studio in Die, September 2011Studio in Die, September 2011Two works-in-progressdsc07505.jpgdsc07550.jpgdsc07579.jpgstudio-4.jpgUntitledstudio-14.jpg